In a competitive market place, you need to know the right total compensation mix to attract and retain top talent.

Equity, base salary, bonus, perks—get creative. But you also need to work within a tight budget, and if you have to exceed it, you’ll need a compelling business case. Anaplan's Compensation and Equity Planning app solves for this balance, leveraging the Anaplan platform to scale to the planning needs of your global workforce, with self-service configurability to stay nimble and be that source of truth repository that reconciles your systems of record. One cloud-based, in-memory, three-dimensional modeling platform means you easily align your compensation plans with your business plans and corporate budget. Scenario plan the optimal salary, bonus, equity, and perks mix by role and immediately see the impact throughout your model. Collaborate among your key stakeholders, from lines of business leaders to FP&A and Stock Admin, with the configurability and transparency to see and adjust drivers and outcomes.

Align people cost to corporate budget

  • Integrated data from your HR, finance, and LOB transactional systems or third-party sources automatically, compressing your consolidation cycle time.
  • Best practices blueprint that you can easily modify to meet your specific process flows and drivers.
  • Connecting compensation planning to your holistic workforce planning process.

Collaboration and transparency of drivers, scenarios, and outcomes for all key stakeholders

  • Unlimited “what-if” analyses for scenario planning, and see the forecasted impact immediately.
  • Optimize bonus allocations based on performance and proficiency.
  • Ability to plan for either organic and inorganic growth.

From dashboard to board room reporting

  • Various dashboards tailored made for HR operations to CHRO.
  • View on any dimension via three-dimensional architecture and pivot tool.

Enterprise-level governance

  • Govern your compensation planning process with policies, constraints, and role-based access built into your model.
  • Analyze compensation packages against market trends.
  • Equity modeling capability to see equity overhang, and adjust equity type, quantity, and vesting schedule.
Set Targets & Cascade: Break out financial targets down to cost components or cost centers.
Annual Raise Planning: Model annual raise costs by applying macro level matrices that are applied to individual employees.
Compensation & Equity Analysis: Quickly identify and drill down compensation cost variances.
Share Vesting: See an overview of equity vesting over time.
Employee Compensation Breakout: Research individual employee total compensation and equity details.
Market Salary: Identify pre- and post-market salary impacts as raises and promotions are applied.

App Last Updated

June 3rd, 2016


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