Are you ready to do more than just calculate payouts with your incentive compensation solution? Anaplan can help you plan the right pay. With Anaplan, you can align your territories, quotas, and incentives to deliver your best sales results. Only Anaplan allows you to optimize your sales performance with one solution—from plan, to forecast, to pay.

  • Simply manage complex crediting calculations easily for multiple compensation plans.
  • Real-time visibility into performance at all levels of the organization.
  • Instantaneously calculate compensation impacts to clawbacks or corrections.
  • Optimize compensation plans through “what-if” scenario modeling on quota, plan assumptions, and plan assignments..
  • Model and calculate rep level “what-If” scenarios
  • Implement multi-dimensional, product gate, margin, and growth compensation components.

Incentive compensation planning and modeling

  • Enable flexible planning and modeling of multiple incentive compensation management components and measures before selecting the most appropriate for deployment
  • Create multiple models to evaluate and compare the impact to the cost of compensation and compensation budget
  • Change data-driven attributes to evaluate “what-if” scenarios
  • Plan and model sales incentive plans that drive the right sales behaviors and align with corporate objectives

Maintain historical information through effective dating

  • Maintain a history of quota target assignments, as well as incentive compensation plans, components, and assignments through effective dating, versions, and audit tracking
  • Ensure sales performance metrics for any period are accessible even when a sales rep’s sales incentive plan changes over time

Audit tracking when changes are made

  • Comprehensive audit tracking right down to the individual cell level, allowing you to view what, when, and who changed data in the system

Data integration (import and export)

  • Data integration with any upstream system using pre-built connectors (e.g., CRM, ERP, HRIS, BI, etc.)
  • Leverage well-documented APIs for data integration
  • Built on one common platform to enable integration across all applications in the business
  • Import data into the system using CSV and text file formats
  • Export data into Excel or a PDF

Dashboards, reporting, and analytics

  • Built-in dashboard, reporting, and analytics capabilities with data visualization components (e.g., charts, graphs, maps)
  • Dashboards and reports are updated immediately
  • Analyze incentive compensation earnings, draws, claw-backs, quota attainment, and other sales performance metrics
  • Configure sales executives’, managers’, sales team’s dashboards and reports
  • Ensure sales performance metrics for any period are accessible even when a sales rep’s sales incentive plan changes over time

Data set extensions through list properties

  • Use list properties to extend data fields that were not included in the import process
  • Use extended list properties to configure sales territory rules, view in reports, or build formulas

Role-based security

  • Single, continuously monitored multi-tenant cloud platform and infrastructure
  • Role-based security and user management
  • Single sign-on
  • Audit tracking of changes, including data and metadata
  • Data segregation; no commingling
  • Disaster recovery and full data inscription
  • Ongoing testing and auditing of security and privacy
  • ISO 27k certified and/or SOC-audited facilities

Cloud solution

  • Reduce IT costs and resources by leveraging a incentive compensation management solution that was purposely built for the cloud with reliability, security, and compliance in mind (i.e., not an on-premise solution moved to the cloud)

Territory and Quota Planning flows into Incentive Compensation Planning

  • Seamless data integration among Territory and Quota Planning, Sales Crediting Planning, and Incentive Compensation Planning apps allows you leverage territory assignments, quota targets, quota attainment, and crediting rules when designing sales incentive compensation plan components and measures
  • Sales incentive plans are aligned with sales territories, quotas, and sales crediting