Based on historical and current business financials, long-range planning extrapolates future forecasted performance for both short and long-term scenarios. Long-term planning allows business leaders to make informed predictions and set goals. This framework provides leaders with insight into overall corporate performance.

Integrated Financial Statements

  • Anaplan’s Long Range Planning App uses fully connected financial statements to ensure that data flows seamlessly between the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Integrated financial statements help ensure a single-source truth for financial data.

Revenue and Expense Planning

  • Beginning with historical data, use the revenue and expense planning feature to project future product sales. Manipulate product cost, price, and volume to plan for the long term. In addition, or as an alternative, you can use a year-over-year growth rate to extrapolate future revenues.

Capital Expenditure Planning

  • Use the CAPEX feature of Anaplan’s Long Range Planning App to assess how planned or potential projects will affect your firm’s bottom line. Capital project expense, asset category, and useful life will help you determine the net impact of each individual project and determine which projects to fund.

Debt Scheduling

  • The debt schedule feature allows you to enter details about various debt instruments to determine which leverage method will best suit the company goals. A summary of all debt instruments helps to show how debt will affect the long-term cash flow and working capital of the firm.

Macroeconomic Indicators

  • Anaplan’s Long Range Planning App allows you to set macroeconomic assumptions for inflation rate and elasticity. Changes in the inflation rate over time directly affect input costs for a firm, and must be modeled to enable margin discipline. Elasticity modeling will help show the effects of price sensitivity of demand.

Merger & Acquisition Modeling

  • Mergers and acquisitions are a common way for businesses to meet financial and operational goals over time. By inputting target company financials and setting transaction assumptions, the M&A function of Anaplan’s Long Range Planning App can show the resulting financials of the post-M&A company.


  • Modeling the effects of all of the aforementioned business activities will have on the firm’s financial metrics is an important step in determining how analysts and investors might react to the firm’s long range planning decisions.


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