When a copy of a module is taken, and any edits that are made immediately after the new module has been created, a restore cannot be made to any of those changes. The following error is presented:

The model could not be restored and has been left unchanged. Try restoring to another restore point ID or contact Anaplan support if you require further assistance.

The Anaplan server reports the following error: Serial number for '[216,0]: mo='mod4 - Copy' li='a'' is currently #2000084 so it cannot be reset to #2000078

When presented with this error, close and open your copied module immediately.


Closing and opening the module after making the module copy will allow changes to be made that you can restore to.

However, restoring to any serial number during the module copy will still present the error. If a restore is necessary, try restoring to an earlier serial number from before the module was copied.

If this workaround is not suitable in your use case, please contact our Care team.