To manage the fast-paced nature of SaaS (software as a service), FP&A needs to jumpstart plans and configure changes to match the nuances of your business. With Anaplan’s Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting for SaaS model example, you can do just that—plan, model, analyze, and report across metrics that matter, including monthly recurring revenue (MRR), cost of customer acquisition (CAC), lifetime value (LTV), renewals, churn, and more.

Define and analyze strategic objectives, including bookings, run-rate, customer acquisition, and churn. Plan and compare various scenarios to evaluate impact before finalizing strategy.
Create unlimited planning and budgeting models and “what-if” scenarios on-the-fly. Analyze cohorts for similarities and trends. Drill to details to understand drivers of attrition/churn. Easily model by contract length, per-user pricing, and product.
Leverage subscription-based revenue templates for waterfall and cohort planning.
Plan cost of sales induced by number of users subscribed by customer.

Business Function

Finance Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting


Other Software


800 MB



Connects to

Revenue Planning, Sales Forecasting, S&OP, Consolidations, any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and any Human Capital Management (HCM) system











Get your planning and budgeting done faster, more accurately, and with less effort across your entire subscription-based and recurring revenue—drive P&L, from new customer acquisition to existing renewal and churn—all connected in one system. Leverage pre-configured, driver-based modeling, calculations, dashboards, and reports so you can start planning fast and configure on your own.

Build and compare scenarios that reflect your SaaS business (growth and MRR, cash and CAC, profitability and LTV). From aggressive to conservative, “what-ifs,” and more, create unlimited dimension lists and hierarchies and change them on-the-fly with a simple drag and drop. No coding or batch wait time is required with Anaplan’s Planning and Budgeting. Plan by any time bucket, too—day, week, month, or year.

Plan and forecast for revenue or costs based on drivers that matter to your business. Anaplan for FP&A can create one or multiple models that reflect nuances specific to SaaS, including cohorts, recurring revenue, churn, and CAC, to drive plans that truly represent the reality of your business.

Use Anaplan’s financial planning and analysis tool to create plans, models, or hierarchies using normal language formulas and spreadsheet-like “click-not-code” methods. Anaplan for FP&A can plan, manage, and make immediate changes as opportunities and challenges arise—without dependence or burden on IT. With Anaplan, you have full control and responsibility so you can drive the results your company needs.