Leveraging predictive analytics, we forecast the main drivers of your restaurant labor. Then, using these drivers, a daily and weekly covers and sales forecast is created.

Gain greater analysis in what are your productivity and labor rates are for each job. This allows you to create an accurate labor, and sales plan at both the weekly and daily level.

The landing page for both the finance and restaurant manager roles give a brief overview of what to expect within each dashboard.
View your covers forecast based on predictive analytics and historical metrics, compared to both your prior week, and the same time last year to view what the variance is.
View your hours forecast compared to prior week, and prior year. See how this compares to your covers forecast to get a finalized hours and dollars forecast.
Input target covers at the daily level and see how they compare to your average and rolling average of covers by job role.
Have visibility as to how your actual units are comparing to your forecasted units based on predictive analytics.


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Weekly time-series forecasting methods.

  • Using historical metrics and forward-looking predictive analytics, you gain greater insight into your sales patterns down to the daily level.

Create daily covers forecast

  • Leverage forecasting calculations to create a daily/hourly labor plan for your restaurants down to the job role level.

Override and Adjust

  • Manually override covers or sales based on holidays and special events to create a forecast that's unique to your restaurants.

Collaborate across business units

  • Set productivity rates collaboratively across finance, and store operations to get to a detailed forecast.