You can copy models between workspaces on the same tenant. In some scenarios, you can also copy models between workspaces on different tenants. 

This article is for Anaplan workspace administrators. An Anaplan workspace administrator is someone in your company who can add new users to Anaplan, set up user roles, and perform model building and administration tasks. 

You must be a workspace administrator on both the source and target workspaces.

To copy models between customer workspaces, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, select the name of the customer tenant at the top of the screen and select the tenant that you want to work in.
  2. Select Models > Manage models, select the target workspace, and then select Manage models.
  3. In Model management, select Import.
  4. Type a unique model name. This is the name that the imported model is given.
  5. In the Source field, select Anaplan/Production > OK.

To learn more, visit Copy models.

You can't copy a model from a customer to a non-customer or partner workspace. This is an Anaplan legal requirement when transferring data. Partner workspaces cannot contain customer models or data, even if the models are sanitized or the data is obscured.

You can copy a model from a partner workspace to any of these target workspaces:

  • prospect workspace
  • customer workspace
  • internal employee workspace

You can also copy from a partner workspace to a different partner workspace. If authentication methods are different, you're notified that the copy is at your own risk.

If you have problems, or the scenario is not permitted, open a support case in Case Portal. Include the following information:

  • The issue you're having.
  • The URL of the Source and Target models. If the models do not open, include the names of the models and workspaces.
  • The time when you first noticed the issue.
  • The last actions taken in the model before the issue began.
  • Any other relevant information.