If you are not able to see all objects on a dashboard, or some processes or actions are not working on a dashboard, check these potential causes.

This article is for all users.

You might not have the correct access rights to the objects on your dashboard. 

Ask your company's workspace administrator to check the Selective Access settings. Selective Access enables workspace administrators to restrict access to lists and list items on a user-by-user basis.

The Anaplan workspace administrator is someone in your company who can add new users to Anaplan, set up user roles, and perform model building and administration tasks. 

Let's say you've been assigned a Marketing Manager role. In a dashboard called Marketing promotions, the Copy promotion button enables you to copy a promotion to another part of the dashboard. However, when you select the Copy promotion button, you get an error message:

 "Sorry, you do not have access to this action."

You may also see an Action Unavailable message in the dashboard in place of a button.

To correct either issue, your Anaplan workspace administrator can go to Users > Roles -> Actions and select the Copy promotion action for the Marketing Manager role.

Roles > Actions pane showing for the Marketing Manager role showing the Copy promotion action deselected.

Check the error message. If the process is failing, workspace administrators can step through the process to find the action that is failing. Often, this might be an import or export action. To confirm, try running the individual action. Learn more in Actions.